Posted by: Kris
Date: Mar 28th 2024

“SUPER ICYCLONE” Hits Streaming Services

Landy’s latest film Super Icyclone is hitting streaming services! It’s already available on Amazon for free with ads. On April 1st, you can catch it on Roku Player, Tubi TV, and Pluto TV!

Posted by: Kris
Date: Nov 1st 2023

‘Our Christmas Wedding’ Premieres Sunday!

Landy and Bradley are back!

Posted by: Kris
Date: Mar 19th 2023

New Film Alert: Super Icyclone
Posted by: Kris
Date: Aug 27th 2022


ASTONISHING TALES OF TERROR – Available September 27, 2022 on Limited Edition Blu-ray

Astonishing Tales of Terror follows a group of everyday heroes after they unwittingly awaken an ancient monster. When an intrepid reporter bumps into a down-on-his-luck miner, the duo join a rag-tag bunch of survivors as they attempt to fend off mind-controlled zombies, possessed medieval knights, and a gigantic demonic demigod: The Rocktapus!

The following dates are when My Boss’ Wedding is scheduled to air on Heart & Home in Canada.

Jun 10 @ 11:00PM

Jun 25 @ 8:00AM

Jul 12 @ 2:00PM

Jul 20 @ 6:30AM

Jul 20 @ 12:30PM

Jul 21 @ 12:30AM

Jul 31 @ 3:30PM

Aug 14 @ 4:55PM

Aug 15 @ 12:30AM

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Super Icyclone
Role: Owen Sanders
Release: 2024
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