Posted by: Kris
Date: Dec 25th 2014

The Christmas Parade Screen Captures

Landy had a brief appearance as a network executive in The Christmas Parade. I have uploaded the captures of Landy’s appearance.

The Christmas Parade Captures

Posted by: Kris
Date: Jun 3rd 2014

The Listener Screen Captures

Landy had a brief appearance as Terrence Fellows in the first episode of season five of episode of The Listener. I have uploaded the captures of Landy’s appearance. If you would like to watch the full episode, you may do so at: CTV.ca (Canada only).

The Listener Captures

Posted by: Kris
Date: Oct 14th 2013

New Layout: Version 5!

Greetings Everyone!

As you have probably noticed, Landy Cannon Online has a brand new look for 2013. This sleek new layout is courtesy of Cristy from Dax Studios! Melissa and I hope you like the new look as much as we do.

Posted by: Kris
Date: Jan 20th 2013

Beauty and the Beast Captures & Video Clip

Landy had a brief appearance as Drake Meyer in the mid-season finale episode of Beauty and the Beast entitled Bridesmaid Up!. Melissa has uploaded the captures and video of Landy’s appearance. If you would like to watch the full episode, you may do so at: CWTV.com.

Beauty and the Beast Captures
Beauty and the Beast Video Clip

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