Posted by: Kris
Date: Dec 24th 2015


I am very pleased to announce that Landy Cannon Online is mobile-friendly at last. You can now navigate the site on most mobile devices, including iPad, with ease. I hope you enjoy are new mobile-friendly page!

Posted by: Kris
Date: Nov 25th 2015

New Layout: Version 6!

As you can tell, Landy Cannon Online has a brand new look. I’ve also taken the liberty of adding and removing a few things from our sidebar. We now have a widget so you will be able to know when a television show or film Landy was a part of will be on TV. We hope that you enjoy the new look!

I have uploaded episode stills from Landy’s recent appearance on Haven.

View Episode Stills

Posted by: Kris
Date: Aug 9th 2015

Gloria Being Shown at Film Festivals

Posted by: Kris
Date: Dec 25th 2014

The Christmas Parade Screen Captures

Landy had a brief appearance as a network executive in The Christmas Parade. I have uploaded the captures of Landy’s appearance.

The Christmas Parade Captures

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